It’s Time Lois Lane Took Centre Stage

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Lois Lane first appeared in the DC Superman comics in the 1930’s. Back then she was the hard-hitting journalist that despite her Pulitzer prize winning status, was still reduced to just ‘Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane’. It took years for this vital female character to rise up the ranks to not only Superman’s girlfriend but, Lois Lane The Daily Planet’s best reporter. As women’s rights flourished, DC realised that the reason Lois Lane was such a loved character wasn’t the fact she was superman’s girlfriend. Instead because she was an intelligent, independent woman who could do everything without the help of Superman. It’s this female lead that inspired many young girls reading these comics.

I recently re-watched Man of Steel, with Amy Adams rendition of Lois. Now, I really liked her as a character in this film. She was able to hold her own, and Adams did a great job of portraying her as the brave Pulitzer prize winning journalist. So why did all of this change in Batman Vs Superman! What HAPPENED?!


In the next instalment Lois Lane was transported back to the 1930’s damsel in distress, naked in a bathtub waiting for Superman to save her. It just didn’t make sense to me. Lois is a character with so much potential! She is more than able to save herself. She is a sharp-witted, astute, bright, brave, independent woman who as a character should be a role model for young girls trying to break the ‘damsel in distress’ stereotype.

Young women need to see that male led movies have strong women who don’t need to rely on the male hero to save them, they don’t need to lie in a bath tub naked feeling sorry for themselves! I don’t blame Amy Adams for this rendition of Lois, I am a big fan of Adams’ work and I feel if she had more material to work with she would have played a great Lois. I blame Zack Snyder for the lack of storyline for Lois.

Snyder needs to realise he has a responsibility to young women who look up to this beloved character, a responsibility to giver her a storyline that contributes to the success of the plot. Not just a reason for Superman to dive in and save her from immanent death.

It has been proven from the great success of Wonder Woman that people love to watch these strong willed, well deserved female lead characters. So why not let Lois Lane take more of a central role in the upcoming Superman films. Let’s make her more than just Superman’s Girlfriend!




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