Puppies! They Are Cute and Help You With One Daily Routine You Should Take Up


Our family recently added two new additions into our home. Meet Little Humphrey and Alfie. Aren’t they the cutest thing you have EVER seen (don’t answer that! I know they are).





Now, puppies are big time wasters. They can’t be left on their own for too long as they end up getting into some deep… mess. They constantly want love and attention. Never leave them alone with any of your valuables! And when they are old enough, as soon as you say the holy words… ‘walkies’ they go crazy. However, as I am guilty of spending most of my time online, I am glad that I have a reason to go for a walk every day and get some fresh (mixed with cow pat) air.

My old next-door neighbour, Ted. Used to go for a walk every day, no matter what. Pouring rain, fog, hail, snow! You name it, Ted has walked in it. Whenever I would pass him, I got the old Dorset ‘ello Jaaade. He would then go on to tell me what he had seen on his daily walk.

Ted is a prime example of why everyone should take a daily walk, he said it was great for clearing the mind and I agree with him 100%. When I was home and stressing about university deadlines, I took a walk and for an hour or so I wasn’t stressed.

Not only that, a study done by the University of Cambridge showed that walking just 20 minutes a day cuts your risk of premature death by almost a third! If that isn’t a good enough reason to take a daily stroll then I don’t know what is… maybe cute puppies?

If you are sat on your sofa, still unsure of what a daily walk can do for your health, worry no further! Take a look at these reasons to take a daily stroll, and you never know it might help you de-stress. At least it gives you a reason to talk to a lovely neighbour like Ted, who loves a daily natter.

Or, if you are still unsure just get yourself two hyper puppies. They will be sure to get you off of the sofa and out into a muddy field… who doesn’t want that!



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