Sunglasses Indoors… Miranda Priestly or Try-Hard?

I recently just bought a new pair of sunglasses, and I think I’m in LOVE.


Now, I think my new love is blinding me (I know it’s definitely not the sun now…) because I have the need to wear them ALL of the time, even indoors which I know makes me immediately uncool.

Of course, I won’t fall head over heels and be that person who wears sunglasses in a supermarket or on a really cloudy day. I’m not Anna Wintour, I can’t pull that off!

It did get me thinking though, will it ever be acceptable to wear sunglasses indoors?


85 years ago Sam Foster mass-produced sunglasses, and since then putting on a pair instantly makes you cool… that is until you slip on a pair indoors, then await the stares. Someone on an online forum explained it perfectly.

“Sunglasses are proven to make a person look cooler. On the other hand, wearing sunglasses at night is a blatant tell that you’re TRYING to look cool, which is, in itself, uncool thing to do. People who TRY and look cool blatantly are uncool.”

We all feel it when we put on our favourite pair, we adopt a slight swagger. Or in my case pretend you’re on your way to the vogue offices to do some kick-ass work (thanks Devil Wears Prada). But unless you are the highest of celebs, people will just judge you. It’s okay to look cool, but it is NOT okay to look like you’re trying to look cool, it has to be natural. This seems a bit silly.

Surely if you like the look and can pull off a cool ass swagger then you should own it! Unfortunately, I do not think people’s attitudes will change towards this. Of course, it’s okay to wear sunglasses indoors if it’s medically needed. Some people need to wear them as their eyes are very sensitive to light. But if you are just adopting the look to copy Bono then prepare for the backlash, as people have even said they find it rude if you wear a pair while in conversation!

I can see why this custom is so unpopular, when I see someone wearing sunglasses around a shop I instantly feel an eye roll. It’s screams arrogance to me, but I can also see how I am conforming to the hatred people feel.

I am hoping that wearing sunglasses indoors has become so uncool, that it will go full circle and become insanely normal… so I can wear my beautiful sunglasses 24/7.

Until that day comes, despite the fact we should all feel we can wear whatever makes us happy (which you defiantly should). It’s safe to say if you feel the need to wear your best pair of sunnies walking around Tesco on a cloudy day, you will still get glares.

Or maybe we will just do it anyway, channel your inner Miranda Priestly!




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