A Day Out In Greenwich

Wednesday is my favourite day, it’s the day me and my flatmate go into central London and wind down from the week we have survived.  This Wednesday has been my favourite so far, after the terrible few weeks I have had I thought it time to enjoy a day out in the sun.

As I walked out of my flat I was met with not the cold bitter air that I’ve been experiencing for the past months, but instead a welcoming 20 degree heat. As I made my way to the tube station I couldn’t stop smiling at how lovely the weather was for mid April, it was about time I wore my sunglasses for more than 20 minutes.

Our tube journey isn’t the most scenic route, this time however we had to take the DLR over the river, now that was a scenic view.

We got off at Cutty Sark and walked over the road to see the gigantic British clipper ship. The ship was beautiful to look at, and the view right next to it was a sight to see as well

The last tea clipper to be built in 1869

You can pay a small fee to walk on and under the ship, as there is a small museum underneath. On a sunny day like this it was a great start to the day.

Greenwich is famous for it’s maritime history. So, our next stop was the Old Royal Naval College which is the architectural centrepiece in this stunning part of London. It’s only a short walk from Cutty Sark and is breathtaking.

Old Royal Naval College, it’s been featured in many films such as Sherlock Holmes and Thor

It was opened in 1694, and is a timeless example of extraordinary architecture. We walked around the college; still basking in the spring sun as it reached 27 degrees! I loved that as you walked around you can see the mix of old and new architecture, I still favour the old style though.

Royal Naval College, with Canary Wharf in the background

We started to flag a bit in the heat, so decided to find shade in Greenwich Market. We went on a weekday so we didn’t get to experience the market at it’s best. It was still a great place to find very tasty food. I opted for a Cuban BBQ pork burrito, I can’t describe to you how delicious that food was! Even with my belly full of Cuban goodness I still had space for some gelato for the walk up to the Observatory.

We also passed some blossom trees on a very quaint street. So, of course I had to be original and snap some pictures. No one has every taken pictures of a blossom tree on a sunny day before

Beautiful blossom tree

We then started to stroll through Greenwich park, up to the observatory. The park was full of Londoners taking full advantage of a rare sunny day. Suns out Brits out; until we start to moan about how hot it really is. As it was the first hot day in a while however we weren’t moaning yet, I enjoyed soaking up all the sun I could get.

The hill up to the observatory is quit steep, but the walk is well worth the leg ache. From the top you see a breathtaking panoramic view of Canary Wharf and central London over Greenwich Park. You can also see the top of the O2 Arena.

View from Greenwich Observatory 

The observatory played a major role in the history of astronomy and navigation, it’s known for the location of the prime meridian (a reference meridian used by sailors on their charts and maps) and thereby gave it’s name to Greenwich Mean Time. You can pay to go into the observatory and see the meridian line, as I’m a student I opted to just walk around instead (student life is a joy).

The Shepherd 24-hour Gate Clock

We then walked back through the park, and visited our last stop; The National Maritime Museum. Greenwich has a rich maritime past so I was excited to look around the museum and see some of the old boats, and sailors uniforms they had on show. The museum is free to walk around, and has many fascinating exhibitions.

National Maritime Museum 
Nelson’s ship in a bottle by Yinka Shonibare

I was excited to see the uniform Lord Nelson was wearing when he fought at the Battle of Trafalgar (of the Napoleonic Wars). I didn’t spend as long as I wanted there, so I will be sure to go back and see everything it has to offer

Sea Fever poem by John Masefield

We then pondered back to the DLR, passing the Queens House on the way. Walking slowly of course making full use of those sunglasses.

The Queens House

Greenwich is such a beautiful place, and even better on a bright sunny day. I think it’s my favourite part of London so far! I can’t wait to go back.

View from the Old Royal Naval College 

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