Avengers: Infinity War


I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS! I think I may never recover!

The timeline of me watching this marvel (sorry) of a film, went like this…






After I cried for what felt like HOURS I then had to just try to go about my day… like normal (still sobbing that is).


I was late watching the first instalment The Avengers, but when I did I fell head over heels with this universe! I am lucky enough that my birthday is on the 25th of April, and most Marvel films come out on or around that date. I secretly know they planned this just for me (wishful thinking). So, most years I have watched these films on my birthday in the cinema, and every year I look forward to it. This year though, I was nervous as hell!

I had heard rumours that Marvel were planning on killing off some of its main characters (it hurt to type characters. THEY ARE REAL!) and after the past few films I was so nervous to see who. But nothing could prepare me for what happened.

In the past films we have seen that there are six infinity stones;

“Before creation itself, there were six singularities, then the universe exploded into existence and the remnants of this system were forged into concentrated ingots… Infinity Stones.”

— The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. The first is the Space Stone, we have seen this in The Avengers as it was used by Loki in the Tesseract. It’s capable of teleporting anything to different points in the universe.
  2. The second is the Reality Stone, we have seen this in Thor: The Dark World in the form of the Aether. It can attach itself to a host and makes them stronger.
  3. The third is the Power Stone, we have seen this in Guardians of the Galaxy. It can wipe out life from a planet.
  4. The fourth is the Mind Stone, we have seen this in The Avengers as it was in Loki’s scepter. It was also used to create Vision and is now on his forehead. It can control the minds of others, and not just people.
  5. The fifth is the Soul Stone, which we haven’t seen in any films before Infinity. It can be used to trap souls inside another world.
  6. And the sixth is the Time Stone, also not seen before. It’s used to control time altogether; visit the future, rewind the past, speed or slow down time or just used to create chaos.

Now, we have all these stones scattered and it’s these that bring all our favourite neighbourhood superhero’s together. They then have to work together to stop Thanos getting hold of all six stones, if he does get his hands on them he wants to wipe out half of the universe, as he believes it’s the only way to bring harmony to decaying planets.

I really loved how strong the Marvel universe is, they made sure everyone had a part to play and each had equal character development. I was worried that it would just be a mess of superhero’s, with the sheer amount of them getting in the way of a decent plot. I was proven wrong however, the movie was very well balanced and very well planned.

When all our favourite supers come together it is spectacular. The fight scene in Wakanda was brilliant, I especially loved a scene where all the women had each others backs and fought as one. Girl power at it’s finest!

My favourite part (let’s be real I loved it all) is how great Thanos was as a villain. Part of me felt bad for him even. He had a vulnerable side when it came to Gamora and he whole heartedly believed he was doing the right thing when it came to the universe… but maybe mass genocide isn’t it. In all he is a great villain for the Avengers to go up against, especially a film as monumental as this.

Now I have to talk about THAT ending. I knew there would be some casualties to this great battle, we had been warned! But I was not prepared for half of the Avengers… basically ALL of them fading away because of Thanos! When Thanos sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone I thought that was bad enough, but the list just got longer and longer; Bucky, T’Challa, Groot, Scarlet Witch, Sam, Mantis, Drax, Peter Quill (this is when I lost it), Doctor Strange and finally Peter Parker whose last words were heartbreaking.

Now we are down to our original Avengers; Thor, Natasha, Bruce, Tony, James, Steve and Rocket (poor, poor Rocket) so it’s not too bad… right?

I know that most of these superhero’s will more than likely come back, Doctor Strange must have a plan to turn back time or find a loophole. Marvel can’t kill off everyone in one go… surely they can’t!


Even with all the death and destruction, this film was breathtaking. It’s shows DC how to make a REAL superhero movie! I loved every second even when I was sobbing, and that’s what these movies should do. They are pure escapism, I would recommend it to anyone!

All we can do now is sit and wallow while we wait for part 2, and try not to let our feels get too much for us! Which for me is going to be very difficult, as I plan to lie in bed watching all the Marvel films from the start, just to remind myself of brighter times. Good luck everyone!



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