I Feel Pretty Review

Yesterday I went to see the new Amy Schumer movie, I Feel Pretty. I have seen the trailer so many times, and loving her first film Trainwreck I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about.

The movie is about Renee (Amy Schumer) who is so uncomfortable with her appearance she takes the leap to try to fix herself, she decides the thing to do is to take up soul cycle. She quickly has an accident which causes her to hit her head, and when she wakes up she see’s a new woman, a beautiful woman. Of course in actual fact she is still herself. With her new-found confidence in herself she quickly changes her life around, the entire time thinking she has changed into a model.

Now if you are looking for the best movie of the year, I wouldn’t look here. However, if you want to leave the cinema with a new-found confidence then look no further.

This film has its flaws; the plot is quit predictable and I feel that in real life normal people aren’t treated as badly as portrayed in this movie, just because they aren’t runway models. But I still loved it! It’s very entertaining and of course has the added bonus of Amy Schumer’s unique, and hilarious humor.

I have heard a lot of reviews saying that the film completely misses the idea of body confidence. The fact that Renee had to hit her head to feel beautiful isn’t showing women that they are beautiful, it’s showing them you must be delusional to think being you is enough. I feel these people are not seeing the real point behind this movie.

I walked out of the cinema knowing it was okay to be me, and that’s a lot for one movie to achieve!

During the end Renee made a speech about beauty, bringing up the fact that in our childhood we didn’t care about our bodies, but one bad comment changes everything. All of a sudden we are hiding and feel uncomfortable in our skin, just because one person said a silly thing to us. So, why should we feel this way, why can’t we go back to the happy childhood days of not giving a fuck what people think about us, and loving ourselves unconditionally.

It can come across very cheesy to some people, but to those suffering with anxiety about their appearance, it really hits a nerve. This film isn’t saying you need to have a head injury to believe you are beautiful, it’s saying that you don’t need to change yourself to feel undeniably pretty. You just need to change your mindset. That even if you woke up with your perfect body, you are still the same person. You can achieve anything you want just by going for it, while rejoicing in the fact that people with inevitably love you for you, and not a fake version of yourself you put on show because you think that’s what people want to see.

I Feel Pretty is an important movie because of all these reasons. We should have a film that shows young women that people don’t care as much about their appearance as they think they do. One thing Renee learnt is that nothing actually changed in her life. The people around her were the same, she looked the same, and did all the same things. But by just believing she was worth something, she managed to achieve so much more.

I really recommend this movie! Sit down and enjoy the outstanding comedy, and rejoice as you walk away with a new-found confidence.


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