My Trip to Edinburgh

To celebrate the end of our first year of University, me and my flatmate Erin decided to go on a city break to Edinburgh. I had been wanting to visit Edinburgh for ages! I love how its history is still so alive in its modern facelift, the Scots who call Edinburgh home are so proud of their great city.

I couldn’t wait to experience it all!


As I woke up, earlier than I have in a long time, excited butterflies fluttered in my stomach! We got the tube to King’s Cross station, then set off on our four-hour journey. The time flew by as we passed through picturesque towns, racing past beautiful ocean views straight to Edinburgh.


We arrived at Edinburgh Station, chucked our bags in our beautiful Airbnb and went out to explore the city.

Pictures do not do this city justice! The streets weave around beautiful, gothic buildings. Breathtaking greenery splits up the rustic church spires and Greek-inspired monuments. It’s unlike any place I have visited, it’s really a sight to behold.

After exploring the city, we decided to get dinner from the famous The Elephant House Café. Famous for what? Well, it’s the place where J.K Rowling wrote Harry Potter!


The atmosphere was really nice, and the food even better. If you go into the toilets you will be bombarded with hundreds of Harry Potter quotes, in-between the array of quotes are thank you notes to J.K Rowling. It’s really amazing to read hundreds of passionate people’s declarations to the amazing author.


The next day we took a bus tour around the city. I REALLY recommend a bus tour, we did feel like Joey from Friends throughout, but it was a great way to see all the sights and hear the amazing history of Edinburgh.



We hopped off the bus so we could go and have a look at Camera Obscura, it’s a museum of optical illusions. I LOVED it! There was so much to see, and games to play along the way.


My favourite was the infinity tunnel, you walk through and it feels like the room is spinning. Having my head chopped off wasn’t too bad either.

After the museum, we walked up to the castle, then down to the Grassmarket for some shopping, and a bite to eat. We both thought that while in Scotland we HAD to try Haggis, and actually… it tasted pretty good!

Maybe eating a big meal wasn’t a great idea when you’re planning on climbing Arthur’s Seat later in the day! Arthur’s Seat is the peak of the group of hills in Holyrood Park. It’s a killer on the legs, but worth the pain for the incredible view at the top.



Even if it is a bit windy… Vogue anyone?

Now, I know that visiting a city as beautiful as Edinburgh is a treat in itself. However, I can’t say that the thing I wasn’t most excited about was finally seeing a Panda at Edinburgh Zoo! I love the zoo so much, all the animals were stunning.


Seeing this beautiful animal in real life was 100% a moment. Edinburgh Zoo was a place to visit in its own right, in some places it felt like a small town. Just with lions lurking around the corner.


The last day in Edinburgh was taken up with souvenir shopping, and taking as many pictures as possible.

I really loved my time in Edinburgh, it’s a city I want to visit again. I urge you to visit as soon as humanly possible!


You won’t regret strolling through its historic streets!



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