No Deal Brexit?

Today was a landmark day in British Politics, it’s been said it’s the most important parliamentary vote in a generation. And one, nobody wanted.

Nearly 3 years ago, Britain answered one simple question. Remain or leave the European Union, it was a question that had been debated about in workplaces and at dinner parties, a question that caused much debate and trepidation. And after the vote, it was a result that still caused arguments around the dinner table, it was a hard pill to swallow for a large majority of the UK.

Despite the country voting to leave the EU, it seems parliament still hasn’t decided what side they are on. And, with March 29th looming, it’s a deal that needs to be put to bed.

Today, parliament took a vote to decide if Theresa May’s Brexit deal should be rejected. For weeks, both leading parties have voiced they disagreement with May’s deal, and even after a vote of no confidence resulted in full confidence in May, it seems both Tory’s and Labour alike refuse to pass a deal that does not deliver a Brexit that was promised to the people.

At 7.30 pm as hundreds of protesters chanted outside Parliment, the result of the vote came in, it revealed May’s deal was defeated by 432 votes to 202, one of the biggest defeats in history.

Protesters celebrating May’s defeat.

The PM immediately stood to comment on the results. She began by saying they need to decide whether “this government still enjoys the confidence of the house” this was greeted to many glum roars, a sound that was not needed to emphasise her loss.

Now, this result may not come as a shock, as the majority of parties including the SNP and DUP have made it clear over the past week they will vote against the deal. Tom Pursglove even went to the extent of resigning as Conservative party vice-chair in order to vote against the Brexit deal. However, what happens now Parliament can’t decide over the Brexit deal?

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn tables no confidence motion against May, which will be debated on Wednesday. Having not long had a vote of no confidence, it’s unclear if this will proceed, but the odds are stacking against the prime minister,

The EU says it regrets the outcome of the vote, and urges parliament to clarify its intentions. But, how can parliament do this, when they are so divided.

So, for now, we have to wait for May to make a statement revealing the next steps that will be taken. We do know that she will consult with senior parliamentarians to help with the direction of the Brexit deal. Labour is, of course, calling a vote of no confidence, and if this does not prevail, backbenchers have called for another referendum.

What is for certain, is that we need Parliament to unite against something, they need to work together to decide the future of Brexit. Since 2016 they have let their divisions come between their promise to leavers, we do not want continuous votes, we want a decision, and for our chosen voices to come up with a deal they can pass without letting their egos get the better of them.


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