Should I Stay, or Should I Eggo

I am very aware of how late I am to this party. It started at 10 and I didn’t rock up until 3, and still sober at that.

Despite this, I’ve still had a whale of a time!

Last week I decided to take the gigantuous step of getting my own Netflix. I know! It was a big decision to stop sponging off of someone else’s account, but I decided as I am nearly hitting the ripe old age of 21 it was time to take the leap.

Actually paying for the service opened my eyes a little, and by this I mean I now watch it all the time to get my money’s worth. £10 is not going out of my bank every month for me to have only watched 1 series. Are you crazy! So watching a bucket load of documentaries has been my life for the past week, as Dustin would say; I am on a curiosity voyage, and I NEED my paddles. Netflix being my paddles.

If you didn’t understand the quote then you have been successful at avoiding the party I was so late for, and that party would be Stranger Things.

When it first appeared on Netflix I didn’t have much of an interest in it. Which is strange (sorry) considering I am a nerd who loves everything sci-fi and retro. But alas, I decided all the fuss was over nothing as I turned my nose up at people obsessing over it.

Flash forward to me sitting in a Stranger Things hoodie (yes… I know *eye roll*) 2 series in, nearly crying as I’m shouting at Eleven to hurry up and shut the damn gate. And I have to say… I was LOVING the party.

If you don’t know, it is set in 80s Hawking, a small town in Indiana. It’s a perceivably boring town, until a 12-year old Will, goes missing. His team of young cohorts armed with walkie-talkies and bikes cycle around the town determined to uncover the mystery of his disappearance. On their travels, they come across a wide eyes girl with telekinetic powers, branded with the number eleven. Eleven help them fight against the straggly-limbed monster from the “upside-down” determined to ruin the everyday lives of love-struck teenagers. It keeps a fast pace all the way through, with just the right ammount of creepy injected into the plot. It really is a show for the entire family.

It has everything I love in a series; it’s funny, it has aliens, strong ass women, great music, and is set in a great era. I love 80s films, there’s just something about the clothes and the vibe that have me hooked. Sit me in front of Stand by Me or the Goonies and I will be a happy chappy. So this show doesn’t disappoint. The storyline is on point, the cast go so well together you believe they have been friends for years, and the music is so great my Spotify 80s playlist hasn’t had a break. It does have one drawback, however. Eleven has an addiction to Eggo waffles, and now waffles are all I daydream about.

So please don’t be like me, the party is great! Go and binge watch Stranger Things before the 3rd series is released in July. Or forever remain a mouthbreather.


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