German GP: This Is What Formula 1 Is About!

I watched my first F1 race in 2016, it was the Monaco GP. It was a beautiful sunny day in England but not so much in Monaco. I only watched it because I recognised the track from a film and was intrigued to watch a full race, after that I was obsessed. I found out after, that my late Nan was also a massive fan of the sport, so the joy I get from it must have been passed down.

I love everything about F1; the technology, intense competition, innovation, the glamour and the tragedy of a bad race. It’s such a progressive, ever-changing sport and Sundays have fast become my favourite day of the week.

However, recently F1 has come under the limelight as people say it’s going downhill due to the number of rules and regulations partnered with the inconsistency of penalties dished out in certain circumstances. And as a rather new fan, I can partly agree with their sentiments.

I have watched only a handful of past races before 2016, but from these, I can see why dedicated fans of the sport are getting so het up with the FIA. There are the normal politics of Formula 1 that rile up fans on a weekly basis, these being: Budget disputes, regulatory wranglings, penalty shenanigans, anything but the racing actually. These things go on behind the scenes in most sports as big as Formula 1, you end up with bigger teams getting the most out of regulation changes while midfield teams struggle to even make the budget caps that are being proposed.

These disputes are annoying to the average fan who just wants to see an exciting race on a lazy Sunday, but to drivers and teams, these disputes put a strain on an already intense year of racing.

But a major annoyance to both the fans and the teams are the horrid FIA regulations which are famously ruining everyone’s fun recently. Vettel is a great example of pressure and rules getting in the way of that coveted championship. Canada 2019 was a great race for Ferarri, with Vettel leading the race things couldn’t have been going better. That’s until Hamilton put pressure onto Vettel which caused Vettel to make a mistake. This mistake put Vettel onto the grass and he rejoined the track the only way possible, he tried to control the car and make sure he didn’t crash into Hamilton coming beside him. He rejoined the track but pushed Hamilton towards a wall, for this he was given a five-second time penalty and therefore came second behind Hamilton. This decision sparked fury in both the drivers and the fans, Vettel said;

“ I had nowhere to go. Where the hell am I supposed to go? I had grass on my wheels. They are stealing the race from us”.

And everyone agreed with him. Yes he did make a mistake but he joined the track the only way physically possible, so yes in my opinion and the opinion of many, many others the race was stolen from him… and us.

From then on peoples opinions on the current climate of F1 have been negative, to say the least. People just want to see the drivers race with no intervention from the FIA, no race is exciting when we fear at any minute a driver will have to take a penalty for something that seems to be another racing incident. So while the teams and the people fight against the direction this sport is heading in, at least we can still say that Formula 1 is still a sport to fight for, and these past few races this season have proved this.

Silverstone was a race to remember, and I’m currently reeling after the exhilarating event that was the German GP. Now, this may be Germany’s last Grand Prix for a while, and what a farewell it was. I have never felt so many emotions in one race before and its certainly one I will remember. Here’s a round-up of the action, and really its a round-up of things that make a GREAT race;

  • On and off rain throughout
  • pit stops for days (seriously there were a LOT of pit stops)
  • Safety cars on every corner (well not every corner… but it felt like it)
  • Leclerc AND Bottas crashing out (along with many other drivers skating around the track)
  • Hulkenberg being so close yet so far as he had to retire
  • Stroll yes I repeat STROLL leading for a few (scary) seconds
  • Vettel going from 20th to 2nd! YASSSS
  • Hamiltons 50-second pit stop (there were some fantastic GIF’S to represent the Merc garage)
  • Kvyat coming in 3rd for Toro Rosso
  • Max winning after a bloody brilliant race

This race represents everything right with F1, it was a tense race from start to finish with drama around every turn. The midfield became the leaders at one point, and Lando Norris was raging that he wasn’t part of it as he had to retire early on, his tweet wins the best tweet of the day.

Here are some more of my favourite tweets from the #GermanGP

Honestly, if you want to start watching F1 and you haven’t seen any other races, start with Germany 2019 because it will be a race to remember. And hopefully, we can see more races like this from now on. WE WANT TRACK DRAMA, NOT FIA DRAMA.


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  1. Another awesome post! Germany was definitely a stand out race for the season so far!


    1. Jade says:

      Thank you!! 😊Yeah it was definitely one to remember! Hopefully the rest of the season will be as good!

      Liked by 1 person

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