Is Red Bull Replacing Gasly Too Harsh And Too Soon?

So, there has been a major development in Red Bull and Toro Rosso’s team line up. We have all heard the gossip flying around, we have also seen Gasly’s poor performance for the last 12 races of the F1 season, but we didn’t think that Red Bull would replace Gasly so soon.

Well maybe it was just me who thought this, but I thought Red Bull would put their faith in Gasly for at least the rest of this season, but unfortunately for Gasly Red Bull are putting their foot down, he needed to deliver these past few races and time after time he’s let the pressure get to him, so he’s back to Toro Rosso and Alex Albon is in. And I would like to share my opinion on this.

Actually, it’s more of a non-opinion as I’m very much on the fence about it all. On one hand, I can see that Gasly has not performed well at all this season. He has scored only 63 points, with his best finish being fourth in Germany. Silverstone was the only race where he showed some potential of pulling it together, but it didn’t last long. So, I get that compared to Max he is failing miserably. However, how is Albon going to do any better?

I have to admit Albon has shown great potential so far this season, he has put himself in the midfield and had some great battles to show for it, so we can say that Albon isn’t a bad choice for Red Bull, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best choice. Kvyat seemed to be the best option. He has delivered a podium finish for Toro Rosso, has 83 race starts, has beaten Albon more often than Albon would have liked and he’s a lot more experienced than his teammate. So why has Red Bull chosen to go for Albon? The only thing I can think of is that Albon is young and shows some good potential, but we could say the same thing about Gasly.

The first thing we should take away from Gasly’s performance this year is that its’s proof it was all too much too quickly for the young Frenchman. I wrote a post on this recently; Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo are all examples of Red Bull promoting the right youngster at the perfect time in their career’s. It can be a good gamble, and if it pays off then Red Bull are laughing (while holding four world championships). However, these drivers could be called the exception? It really depends on your opinion. Because while Red Bull has had success with promoting young drivers, it hasn’t always gone to plan, a young Kvyat seemed a great choice for Red Bull, that’s until the pressure got too much and he crashed at almost every turn. But the main issue is that Red Bull had Max, a young driver they knew was a future world champion, so why would they wait for Kvyat to get better when they had “better” waiting in the back. They want new talent, so they get new talent, not leaving any room for mistakes.

So, we could say Gasly’s bad performance was almost inevitable. He wasn’t ready and I don’t think Albon is either, with only 12 races under his belt I don’t really see how kicking Gasly out to replace him with an even more inexperienced driver is going to help Red Bull catch up to Ferarri and Mercedes. These young drivers have to cut their teeth in Formula 1, and 12 races, or even one season may not be enough when going up against Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

I think Albon will be thinking about his place in Red Bull more often than not, and this will cause some major issues. We could say that Gasly has been made an example of. Albon has to perform and be a good wingman to Max, but how can anyone drive to the standard they want when Max has been outperforming himself almost every race.  Albon has seen how ruthless Red Bull can be, he knows if he doesn’t perform his chances of keeping his seat are very slim. This is a lot of pressure on one person, and can a rookie really take all that on, knowing that somewhere there is another young driver Red Bull is pushing through the ranks ready to sit in the coveted seat.

All I can say for sure is that Red Bull seems to be reaching too far, they want to reach the stars as quickly as possible, but this leaves no time for their chosen young drivers to flourish in the team, 12 races seems so little for Gasly. Vettel and Max are in my opinion the exception. Young drivers can be champions, but maybe not in 12 races.

Here are some of my favourite Tweets on Gasly’s replacement;

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  1. I completely agree with you, i’m very uncertain about the logic behind their decision-making.
    Alex has shown some great potential but they risk crushing that by advancing him too soon. Although, regardless of how her performs no one will ever scrutinise him as much as they did to Gasly as if he underperforms now they can bring it down to the car not being suited to him or his overall inexperience.

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    1. Jade says:

      The more I read about it the more I think it was the wrong decision, it’s way too soon for Albon and now Gasly is going to be beating himself up so may not even perform well in Toro Rosso and where does that leave him after that! They should find new talent and then nurture that, if they did it that way I think they would have a lot more success. Yeah they can blame it on Alex having to climatise to the team, and that’s what they should have said about Gasly or at least been less critical of him in public. I think this is probably why Daniel left, Red Bull keep putting all their eggs into one basket and that’s Max at the minute.

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      1. It sends a bad message for the overall corporate culture of the team, they may lose out on future talent because drivers won’t want to go to a team that cares more about money then actually focusing on the team and the needs of their drivers.

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      2. Jade says:

        100% agree with that, I think it’s really ruined their chances of getting another high performing driver in there for a while now. I think both Albon and Gasly are capable of being world class drivers Red Bull just need to give them more than 12 races to show this, not everyone is Max or Vettel but they expect everyone to be.

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