Arden F2 Driver Anthoine Hubert Dies After Crash at Spa

The current GP3 champion has succumbed to the injuries he sustained during a horrendous crash today at Spa. The 22 year old was making his way through the pack during the Formula 2 feature race, it was on his second lap that he crashed into the wall, Hubert was then driven into at high speeds by Sauber Junior Team driver Juan Manuel Correa.

Correa was taken to Liege hospital where he is said to be in stable condition.

A statement from the FIA says that at 6:35 pm local time, Anthoine Hubert passed away due to his injuries. It’s a tragic loss.

Hubert was a promising young driver, in 2013 he won the F4 Champsionship which was very impressive as it was his first season in car racing. He then raced in Formula Renault and continued to grow into a brialliant young driver through the ranks to Formula 2. After his strong performance so far in 2019, he was set to take a top F2 driver next year.

His death is a tragic reminder of the danger these drivers put themselves in, surely there must be more the sport can do to prevent these incidents taking anymore lives.

Thoughts and prayers go to Hubert’s friends and family at this horrible time.

RIP Anthoine.


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