Lockdown Reads


I have to admit after my final university assignment of the year hit that submission box I have done nothing more than sit in my garden (on my grandma swing seat) and read. I have never devoured more books than I have these past few months, and it has been the best way to hide from the depressing daily news briefings.

While we live through such an unprecedented time, it is not difficult to get swept away with all the bleak news surrounding us. I have found that the little things have become so much more important to me, these things help me push through on the tough days; my daily walk is something I look forward to, and I can safely say I will no longer drone on about my small town, I can’t wait to run errands again or just pop out for some tea; it’s all about the small things.

Top Reads of Quarantine


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I bought this book a couple of years ago on my way to Edinburgh, I was meant to read it on the 5-hour train journey but sleep got in the way!

The book follows a man named Tom Hazard, he has a secret, he may look 41 but he had been alive for centuries. Tom suffers a rare medical condition that only few people in the world has, he must keep his secret to stay alive. The book is very fast paced and I found it hard to put down, it’s such an imaginative story that analyses love, time and inevitable change. I really loved it and would recommend it to anyone.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I turn to Kinsella’s book when I want a feel good, easy read. And this book doesn’t disappoint.

The book follows Katie, a Somerset girl trying to make it in London. She looks around and sees everyone living their best big city life, whereas she struggles to even afford lunch. When Katie’s snooty boss fires her, she is forced to move back to her Dads’ farm in Somerset. Will she ever make it back to London?

I read this book in 2 days, it was such a fun read. As a Somerset girl myself who has had experience living in London, I have never related more to a character in my life. This book reminds you to not trust everyone’s Instagram feed, nothing is ever that perfect and maybe it doesn’t have to be.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I have to admit I am a little late to this book, It has been sitting on my shelf for a while and that’s mainly due to the fact… I found it hard to read.

The book is a collection of diary entries written by Adam during his training as a junior doctor. People seem to LOVE this book, and I can’t blame them. Adam is such an amazing comedy writer and I would recommend anyone to read it to get a glimpse of life as a junior doctor in the NHS. I just did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would after hearing all the raving reviews.

However, the respect I have for our NHS workers is out of this world, and after reading this I just don’t know how these amazing men and women do it. ❤


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This popped up on my Kindle’s recommendations and I’m glad it did.

This a such a charming debut novel, it follows Emmeline, a young woman living in London during World War II. Emmeline longs to be a war correspondent but accidentally becomes an advice columnist, keeping her secret letters becomes a bit tricky when faced with her terrifying boss.

I really loved this book, I am always fascinated with novels set during the war, and Pearce does a great job putting you in London during the Blitz.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am a journalism student so anything delving into an investigation is fascinating to me.

This book explains the process Jodie and Megan went through to break the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story that sparked the #MeToo movement. It gives such a great insight into the behind the scenes of the case, I was so shocked to hear some of the horrendous things Weinstein said.

For journalism students it’s a great way to see how a big story is formed, and for anyone in general it’s a must read.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

When I say James is the funniest man alive, I whole heartedly believe that. I have never laughed so much at a book in my life.

James tells us some of his most embarrassing moments in this autobiography. Some of them are hard to believe but all of them are equally hilarious.

Please, if you are in need of a good belly laugh amidst all this mess, please pick up this book!


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Everyone has heard of this book, it’s a classic alongside Bridget Jones.

I was meant to be going to Rome this March until you-know-what came along. I really needed a travel book to take me away from Somerset, I felt I couldn’t go wrong with this one. It follows Liz as she travels the world after her nasty, and rather a messy divorce. I loved how she describes the countries she visits, it took me there and I was glad to be swept away to Italy, India, and Indonesia while sitting in my garden sipping tea.

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  • Normal People by Sally Rooney

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