We’ve Got Work to Do

Biden and Harris. Photo By TechCrunch

It has been a long few months, this year of unprecedented times seems to be never-ending. People around the world are either in a lockdown, getting out of one or entering one. We have all been inundated with bad news for months on end and the toll it has taken on us is incredible.

The world was in need of some good news, we all hoped the US presidential election would deliver us this. And so on Tuesday the 3rd of November the world sat in anticipation, hoping for some light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

I turned on CNN and waited to hear the results of the 2020 US Presidential election, and waited we all did. For four days CNN did not leave my screen, the world was hooked as the votes continued to come through, Biden and Trump were neck and neck, with nobody sure who would win.

Finally, on Saturday, the winner was projected. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would win the 2020 election, and with this news came an unsurprising response from the current President, Trump tweeted;

For months Trump had set this up, he had sown the seeds of doubt about the legitimacy of the mail-in ballots. And as states across America turned from red to blue, Trump started to scream fraud.

However, Trump has no evidence of fraud, and the votes he says were illegal are perfectly legal mail-in ballots that were all sent in before election day.

Despite this, Trump has filed a litany of lawsuits, that one by one are being thrown out of court for lack of evidence. And so in January 2021, Biden will be sworn in as President, and Trump will have to leave the White House kicking and screaming.

But, this is not the end. Electing Biden does not fix the divide Trump created. Conversations still need to be had, protests have to be organised, and support has to be put in place. Trump uncovered the ugly underbelly of white America. This realisation spread across the world and we are having well overdue conversations, and this must continue.

Trump represented the worst of what we can be. He wasn’t just a bad politician, he proved to everyone that despite a lifetime of bigotry and division, he could still hold the highest office in America.

We need to realise that electing the lesser of two evils does not instantly heal the wounds created by corrupt leaders. We need to continue to educate ourselves and the people around us, even if they no longer wish to listen.

With this in mind, we can take this time to celebrate what America has achieved. Biden swore to help unite America and we can only hope he does so. And Kamala Harris, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, became the first woman to be elected Vice President of the US. A huge step for women all across America, in her victory speech, Kamala said; “It takes sacrifice. But there is joy in it. And there is progress. Because we, the people, have the power to build a better future.”

Harris and Biden with their families during their victory speech. Photo by: PhillyVoice

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